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The most advanced accounting solution for condos/HOAs

The ultimate accounting solution for property managers, Condo Manager is a completely integrated suite of tools to suit all of the needs of property management.

Powerful. easy to use. Software

Property managers can finally benefit from a completely integrated accounting solution.

Combining advanced accounting functions with complete management and communication tools in a platform that simplifies management tasks.


Customize and automate all routine accounting tasks such as accounts payable/receivable, recurring transactions, cheque printing, digital signing, electronic payments, budget management, collection of common expenses, bank reconciliations, and so on. Everything has been designed for maximum efficiency and simplicity.


Partner Accounting Services: Accounting for Condo

With our partner, Accounting for Condo, you no longer have to fill out forms, send in documents and use stamps. Everything is done remotely and online by Accounting for Condo’s professional accountants specializing in condo accounting.


With Accounting for Condo’s integration with Condo Manager software, all your documents are securely stored on our servers. All of the tasks are completed by Accounting for Condo and are accessible and printed from your end.

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A Tried and Tested Platform with User-Friendly Functions

Designed by experienced property managers, Condo Manager offers functions adapted to your daily tasks.

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General accounting has never been easier than with Condo Manager. 



  • Complete Integration of Accounts Management
  • Accounts Payable 
  • Accounts Receivable
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It is built and supported by professional managers with years of experience in the association industry. 


  • Service Requests and Work Orders
  • CC&R Violations and Architectural Requests
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Condo Manager is designed to automate many of your routine, manual processes. This helps you focus on what truly matters – your clients.

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Communication is key when managing associations, and Condo Manager understands that. From work orders to billing, Condo Manager enables you to keep in touch with your team and associations with ease.

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Payment Processing

Multiple payment options allow homeowners to choose how they would like to pay, and each option is then simple to input into Condo Manager.

Accounting Features

Condo Manager helps facilitate communnity wide communcation. Whether its the board reaching out to homeowners or the community manager, Condo Manager gives you direct access to all residents for streamlined communication.

Complete Integration of Accounts Management
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A true accrual accounting system with general ledger, receivables and payables integration.
Accounts Payable
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Includes multi-corporation accounts payable function.
Accounts Receivable
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Includes charging and collecting maintenance fees, payment coupons printing, Statement of Accounts printing, interest and late fees, group invoicing for recurring charges and delinquent accounts management
Delinquent Account Tracking
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This module allows easy follow-ups on delinquent owners.
Management of Receivables and Payables Invoices
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Includes a complete account receivables module with maintenance of invoices.
Easy and Automatic Bank Reconciliation
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Includes an unlimited number of bank accounts.
Preparation of Pre-Printed Checks
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Includes preparation of blanks with MICR line.
Digital Signature on Checks
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Ability to include digital signatures on checks for efficiency.
Common Charges Invoices and Electronic Payment to Service Providers
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Send payments to service providers from the same platform.
Complete Budget Management
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Budget management capability keeps this function within the same software.
Deposit Slips Printing
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Another feature that keeps banking functions within Condo Manager for ease of use.
Customizable Charts of Accounts
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Style your charts of accounts the way you like.
Direct Payment Module
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Used to collect common charges (or a variety of other payments) electronically directly in the income of the owners and/or tenants.
Multi-Division Module
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To create individual Fund Balance Sheet as well as Individual Net Income Statement per Division.
Profitability Analyzer Module
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Quick and easy way to see the performance of your management.
Utility Billing Module
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Calculates and charges owners for utilities, like electricity, water or gas.
Commercial Module
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Integrates tax management in Condo Manager.
Vacation Rental Module
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Used to rent units on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Apartment Rental Module
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Take care of rentals and not just the owners.

Property Management Made Simple

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