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Manual Invoicing vs Automatic Invoicing: What’s Best For HOAs?

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Automation makes HOA management easier. Streamlined processes, such as automatic invoicing, increases efficiency and reduces manual labor. However, there are still a lot of HOAs that use manual invoicing processes. If you want to determine which is best for your HOA, here’s what you need to know about manual invoicing vs automatic invoicing.


What Are the Benefits of Automatic Invoicing?

Automation can make community association management significantly easier for board members. Financial management, in particular, can be very tedious work. By streamlining important processes — such as going from manual invoicing to automatic invoicing — the association can run more efficiently. Here are the benefits of automatic invoice processing.


1. Lower Operating Expenses

Even though HOA automation software will require an upfront investment, it will save your association money in the long run. Automated invoices will reduce the need for paper, envelopes, and ink. Since everything is already digital, you won’t have to spend as much on office supplies. HOAs can also reduce labor costs because employees won’t have to spend hours and hours focusing on manual invoicing.


2. Faster Processing Times

faster processing and reduce error | automated invoiceManually creating and processing invoices is very time-consuming, especially if you have a large association. Automatic billing and invoicing will reduce overall processing times.

It will only take a few clicks to prepare relevant information, create invoices, and send them digitally. HOA software may also offer integration so the HOA and homeowners can conveniently settle their accounts online.


3. Reduce Invoice Errors

Humans are prone to make mistakes occasionally. However, invoice errors can have a devastating effect on your HOA accounting. You can avoid these consequences by shifting to automatic invoicing. Automation increases accuracy and minimizes errors. Also, since automatic invoicing is much faster, employees can devote more time to double-checking for mistakes.


4. Help Save the Environment

Automatic invoicing can be very helpful in advancing the green initiatives of your HOA. Going paperless means reducing your carbon footprint, which is essential in saving the environment. A green HOA may also attract more potential homebuyers, especially since many of the current and future homebuyers are eco-conscious millennials.


5. Improve Productivity

Since manually processing invoices can take hours, days, or even weeks, board members or employees may not have enough time to focus on other essential HOA tasks. Thus, switching to automatic invoicing can increase the HOA’s productivity. You’ll have more time to focus on more urgent HOA matters or projects that improve the quality of life of homeowners.


6. Fewer Service Interruptions

With manual invoicing, there’s a possibility that invoices may get misplaced, lost, or ignored. These issues could hinder the association from settling accounts on time. As a result, services may be halted or interrupted — which will then affect the quality of life of homeowners. If invoices are sent digitally, you can reduce or avoid overdue payments and service interruptions.


7. Better Financial Reporting

hoa board discussing financial report | automatic billingAutomatic invoicing is just one of the key features of HOA software. By automating your accounting processes, board members will find it easier to keep track of HOA accounts and finances. With all the financial information easy to access, it will be less tedious to create annual budgets and other financial reports.


What Are Possible Reasons for Using Manual Invoicing?

Despite the benefits of automatic invoicing, not all HOAs have made the switch. Some HOAs may be happy with their manual invoicing processes.

In its own way, manual invoicing can still provide HOAs with certain benefits. Here are possible reasons why associations might want to stick to manual invoicing.

  • Lack of Use: Not all HOAs need automatic invoicing. Smaller HOAs have fewer members and utilities so the invoicing process is not as tedious compared to larger HOAs. Thus, there’s no pressing need to spend on HOA software just yet.
  • Keep Records Safe: It can be scary to only have digital copies of HOA records. If the system crashes, the HOA could potentially lose all its records. Some HOAs may prefer manual invoicing to keep important documents safe.
  • Ensure Privacy of Homeowners: With digital and online processes, there are also privacy concerns. If your system gets hacked, sensitive information about the HOA or its homeowners could be leaked or exposed.
  • No Time to Learn New System: Some HOAs may stick with manual invoicing simply because they have no time to learn about the automatic invoicing process. HOA software is a major investment so if the association cannot use it properly, you won’t be able to get your money’s worth.

These are just some of the reasons why some HOAs have not made the switch to automatic invoicing. Keep in mind, though, that with all the advancements in technology, HOA software can be very useful and reliable. It’s just as important to find the best HOA software for your needs. Once you do, you won’t feel any hesitations as the transition will be seamless.


Is Automatic Invoicing Better for Your HOA?

Investing in HOA software can mean that you are also investing in the future of your association. By automating invoicing and other essential tasks, the HOA can save a lot of money in the long run.

The money that you would have spent on office supplies, labor, and other expenses can instead be used for community projects. Automated processes can also mean better financial stability for the HOA. Even if you are still a small HOA, investing in automation can make it easier to scale or expand in the future.