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HOA Meeting Management

Meetings are an integral part of homeowners association management. Meeting management in HOA management software makes the process more efficient and manageable. With it, HOAs can compile and track all the minutes of every meeting in one platform. Communities can also automate voting so they can make fair decisions and have honest elections.

Premium Meeting Management Services

Condo Manager’s meeting management features can bring order to any association.

Easily Create Voting and Election Ballots

Create ballots for voting and election in no time. Digitize your process to make it smooth and accurate.

Condo Manager ballots
HOA Ballot

Barcoded Ballot Printing and Scanning

Print barcoded ballots for a quick and easy voting process. Scan each ballot to automatically register the member’s vote.

Track Minutes of the Meeting

Easily keep track of what happens in each meeting. Find the minutes of all your meetings in one safe and accessible archive.

Condo Manager - Meeting Minutes

Fair and Organized Meeting Management

Condo Manager is the finest HOA management software for management companies and self-managed communities. We offer the best meeting management services in the industry. With our software, you never have to fret over losing meeting minutes or having disorganized voting again.

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