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Financial Reporting

Financial report preparation requires a certain level of expertise that most board members don’t have. Condo Manager seeks to change that through our smart accounting software.

Why Is Financial Reporting a Valuable Module?

Financial reports measure the overall financial performance and health of an association. They can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a community. Far too many HOA leaders need help with financial reporting.


With Condo Manager, both management companies and self-managed boards can look forward to automated reporting and real-time statements.

For HOA Management Companies

With a Financial Reporting module, management companies can expect accurate figures due to the elimination of human errors. This module also supplies comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing companies to make informed recommendations to the board. Financial reporting can be tedious, and automation can save time.

For Self-Managed Associations

In addition to accurate reporting, a Financial Reporting module can fill in the skill gaps among board members. Not all board members know how to prepare financial statements and reports properly. With this module, self-managed associations can rely on a program for financial reporting and use data-driven insights to fuel decisions. It also promotes transparency through the easy distribution of reports.

Key Financial Reporting Features

Condo Manager boasts a robust Financial Reporting module with two key features.

Automated Report Generation

Generate all major reports, including balance sheets and income statements, with just a few clicks. Custom reports are also easier to create. With these reports, associations can analyze profitability and financial performance.

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Real-Time Access to Data

Physical records are difficult to update and access. Condo Manager’s Financial Reporting module gives real-time access to data – anytime, anywhere.

Accurate and Convenient Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is a fundamental component of HOA accounting, but it is not the easiest. Condo Manager recognizes that and aims to lift this burden by providing smart and reliable reporting through our comprehensive software package.


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