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Communication Management

Effective communication is a hallmark of successful association management. Ensure prompt and proper communication with your community with Condo Manager’s powerful HOA management software.

Condo Manager aims to streamline communications and improve relations using integrated software solutions. Adapt to the new age and make management easier for your organization.


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Communications Module Highlights

Condo Manager’s Communications module is packed with important features.


Condo Manager provides integrated communications for interacting with clients and colleagues. Produce and send letters, reports, statements, invoices and work orders electronically.

Communications Module in App

Communications Made Simple

Condo Manager’s Communication’s module boasts several impressive features.

Integrated Communications
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Communicate with clients and colleagues using a single platform. Maintain communication logs, mailing lists, and phone calls. Produce and send letters, statements, reports, work orders, and invoices electronically.
Automated Delivery
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Automatically send notices and statements of account according to a schedule. Never miss a deadline or notice requirement.
Automated History Tracking
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Keep track of all past communications made with owners, tenants, suppliers, and other contacts. This module automatically saves all communication records for easy reference.
Portal/App Access
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Access communication tools through the portal or app. Control communication functions remotely.