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Banking Integrations

There is often a disconnect between an HOA’s financial records and bank account. Condo Manager seeks to bridge this gap through our software’s banking integrations.

Partners with every bank

Technology has allowed financial institutions to modernize their systems and give account holders real-time control over their finances. Condo Manager aims to do the same for HOA management companies and self-managed associations through banking integrations.


Banking integrations allow for automated payments, real-time financial updates, reduced manual data entry, simplified reconciliation, and improved security. Streamline financial transactions using a seamless connection between your organization and your bank. This feature also promotes enhanced transparency and accountability by providing a clear and comprehensive audit trail of past transactions.


Key Banking Integration Features

Condo Manager’s banking integration boasts several game-changing features.

Lockbox Service
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Our software is readily equipped with lockbox service integration, whether for AR or AP. Minimize missing checks and invoices by organizing them under one central location.
ACH and Checks
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Our banking integration feature is compatible with NACHA upload files and MICR scanners. Homeowners can choose to pay their dues directly from their bank account in the form of an ACH draft or a check. Link banking information to process payments with just a few clicks.
Secure Server
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All transactions are automatically sent to a secure server.
Collections and Payments
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Banking integrations let you collect homeowner dues and pay vendors electronically.
Bank Compatibility
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Condo Manager is compatible with all financial institutions.
No Bank Fees
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Condo Manager processes a large volume of payments, resulting in zero bank fees.
No Hidden Fees
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Hidden fees? Not with Condo Manager. Monthly minimum payments or initial setup fees aren’t part of our deal.
Automated PAP File Creation
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Create PAP files automatically for all your client associations.

Seamless Integrated Banking Solutions

Condo Manager is a leading software provider for HOA management companies and self-managed associations. Our software easily connects to banking institutions for convenient and reliable transactions.


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