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5 Easter Community Outreach Ideas

easter community outreach ideas

Outreach programs are a great way to give back while bringing community members together at the same time. If you need some ideas for your Easter community outreach, you have come to the right place.


Want to Do Some Easter Community Outreach? Here are 5 Ways

This 2022, Easter falls on April 17. The holiday is of particular importance to Christians, as it commemorates the resurrection of Christ. Considering the significance of the day, homeowners associations everywhere should take it as an opportunity to spread love and give back to their community.

Here are the best HOA community Easter outreach programs you can organize.


1. Collect Cash Donations

There are plenty of people and organizations that would benefit from cash donations. Even the smallest amount of money can help feed the homeless or keep a family from losing a loved one. Cash donations are also easier for community members because all they need to do is give money or write a check.

To organize this, make sure to advertise the program. Let everyone know that the association will be collecting cash donations and that everyone is free to donate (or not donate) their money, no matter how much. Residents can either drop donations in a box or someone can go door-to-door to collect them. You can accept hard cash, checks, or have residents do an online transfer to a designated account.

The only caveat to a cash donation drive, though — and it is a pretty big one — is that there is a chance that the money might not go to the intended foundation or charity organization. The person handling the money may be tempted to skim a little off the top for their own benefit. A good way to combat this is to assign more than one person to oversee the funds. Any withdrawals should also be co-signed by two or three people to avoid theft.


2. Plan a Canned Food Drive

easter community outreach ideasWhile cash donations are certainly helpful, they are a bit impersonal. Plus, there is more room for fund mismanagement and theft when hard cash is involved. If you want to go for a classic Easter community outreach program, a food drive is a good choice.

To do this, make an announcement early on that the association is launching a food drive and that members are free to participate. Set a deadline for collections so that people know how long they have to donate. You should also plan out how you will collect the food — will it be door-to-door or are residents supposed to drop off their donations at a designated place?

When it comes to food drives, it is always best to go with canned food or pantry staples that have a long shelf life. This is to prevent any spoilage along the way.


3. Organize a Clothing Drive

Clothing drives are more popular in wintertime, but they can also make for a great outreach program for Easter. After all, people also need clothes for the spring and summer seasons.

To organize your own clothing drive, partner with a charity or foundation. You can even go to a local children’s hospital or homeless shelter. As with the food drive, make sure to give the announcement well in advance. This way, residents have time to look through their closets and find old clothes they wish to donate. Shoes are welcome, too.

Of course, some residents may use this as an opportunity to dispose of their torn or tattered clothes. As such, as part of the announcement, make it clear that the HOA will only accept clothes in reasonably good condition. To ensure this, assign a few people to do a quality check.


4. Host a Fundraiser

Homeowners associations hold fundraisers all the time, but it is usually for their own gain. This Easter, change things up and host a fundraiser where you donate all the proceeds to a charity or local organization.

Here are some of the most common types of fundraisers:

  • Bake-sales. Residents can bake their own cookies, cakes, and other pastries to bring to the bake sale. Choose a suitable venue and invite guests to come over, too.
  • Yard sales. This is an opportunity for residents to get rid of their old or unwanted items for a cause. Like the bake sale, you will need a space big enough to accommodate everyone and everything.
  • Carwashes. Another fundraiser that requires a large space, a car wash can be a great way to raise money for charity.
  • Auctions. Ask residents to donate fairly valuable items they no longer want or need. Then, hold an auction where all the proceeds of the bids are donated.

While these fundraisers can work with just your community members participating, you have a higher chance of success if you decide to open the events to the general public as well. Make sure to advertise your fundraiser thoroughly so that you attract a lot of outside attendees and participants.


5. Offer Free Services

hoa community easter outreachYour community can come together and offer free services as a way to give back. You can organize your own temporary food shelter where you can feed the hungry and the homeless. You can even use the car wash idea and offer it free of charge to anyone who wants their car cleaned. The possibilities are endless.

One particularly apt service, though, is organizing an Easter egg hunt for kids outside of the community. These can be local kids, kids with disabilities, or kids from children’s hospitals.

But, planning an Easter egg hunt like this takes time. You need to partner with an organization like Make-A-Wish, Big Brothers Big Sisters, or even just a local charity. You also need to have volunteer community members to help, get an estimated number of attendees, and prepare all the materials in advance. As such, make sure to allow yourself at least 6 months to plan everything.


A Special Day for Everyone

While Easter is a great time to have fun with family and friends, it’s also the perfect time to help those in need. Make the most out of this special day by organizing one or more of these Easter community outreach programs.