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9 Fun Easter Games For Kids

easter games for kids

Easter is all about spending quality time with your kids, but it’s not always easy to get kids interested in activities. If you’re looking for things to do this coming holiday, here are some of the most fun Easter games for kids!


Fun Easter Games for Kids for an Unforgettable Time

While not a federal holiday, Easter is one of the most anticipated days in the spring season. In fact, 80 percent of Americans celebrate Easter. Easter, though, isn’t typically a day associated with adult activities. More often than not, it’s geared toward children. Thus, Easter is the perfect time to get kids involved and spend time with family.

Here are the best Easter games for kids.


1. Easter Egg Hunt

No Easter holiday is ever complete without the classic egg hunt. The beauty of Easter egg hunts is that you can make them as big or as small as you need them to be. It really depends on how many kids are participating and how big of a space you have to work with. You can even do an egg hunt around the house or in your backyard. Just remember to mark down where you hid the eggs for easy cleanup later on.

In terms of materials, you only really need eggs and baskets. You can use real eggs for this game and have kids collect a prize depending on how many eggs they find. Alternatively, you can also use plastic Easter eggs and fill them with candies or toys (or both). This way, everyone’s a winner. Just make sure to choose the toys carefully, as small toys can be choking hazards.


2. Egg and Spoon Race

easter Egg and Spoon RaceWho can forget the classic egg and spoon race that almost everyone played when they were younger? The mechanics of this game are easy. Participants have to balance an egg on a spoon and run to the finish line. Kids can do this individually or play in teams. For team-based play, it’s a good idea to make it a relay race instead.

If an egg falls from a spoon, that kid will have to start from the beginning. To make things more challenging, you can impose a rule that says participants need to carry the spoon using their teeth/mouth with their hands behind their backs. If you’re playing with much younger kids, simply having them carry it with their hands may be challenging enough. The fun and excitement of getting to the finish line without dropping their egg make this one of the best Easter kids games.


3. Bunny Hop Sack Race

fun easter games for kidsAt this point, sack races are like one of the traditional games for Easter for kids. To put an Easter twist to it, though, call it a bunny hop. You can even stick fluffy cotton balls at the back of the sacks to make players look like actual bunnies. Add some ears, and you’ll have cute bunnies hopping to the finish line.

You will need a large enough space for this to work, though. Having kids race in a cramped space with lots of obstacles may lead to injury. Again, kids can compete individually or in teams in a relay. Kids can hold onto their sacks, so they don’t fall off as they hippity-hop their way to the end. Play some music to make the game extra enjoyable.


4. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

It’s like “pin the tail on the donkey” but with an Easter spin. To play this game, you will need a photo of a bunny without its tail. Alternatively, you can have the kids draw this to add some creative fun to the game.

Stick the poster to the wall at a height that all the kids can reach. Then, one by one, they can come up and try to stick a cotton ball at the right spot. Of course, kids will have to do this while blindfolded to make the game fun. Whoever sticks the tail closest to the right spot wins. All the laughter that will erupt from kids placing the cotton ball in funny spots truly makes this one of the best kids games for Easter.


5. Easter Egg Toss

The Easter egg toss is pretty straightforward. Kids play this game in pairs — either with an adult or a fellow kid. Each pair gets one egg (make sure it’s raw!) to toss back and forth to each other.

To start, have the pairs stand relatively close to each other. This is the easy level. As the game progresses, have the pairs stand increasingly further apart. This will make the game harder and more interesting. It also makes for more egg drops. Continue to widen the distance until only one pair is left standing.

Because this game can get very messy, make sure everyone wears something they don’t mind dirtying up. If you don’t want to waste eggs, use water balloons instead.


6. Peeps War

Bunny hops and pin-the-tail are great, but are there any Easter games for older kids? Well, this Peeps war might do the trick. For this game, plastic eggs and marshmallow Peeps are all you need.

To play, assemble the Peeps on either side of a long table. Then, opposing players (or teams of players) can take turns knocking the other’s Peeps off the table using the plastic eggs. Whoever successfully knocks out all of the opposing Peeps first wins.


7. Easter Charades

kids games for easter If you want to tap into your kids’ performative or creative side, Easter charades is a great game to try. Simply fill a basket with Easter-related prompts you’ve written onto pieces of paper. Popular prompts include “Easter egg hunt,” “baby chicks,” and “bunnies.” Then, each person takes a turn to act out the prompt. The goal is to get the other players to guess the prompt correctly.

You can play this as a family or in teams. If you don’t want to think of prompts, there are plenty of programs online that can do it for you.


8. Freeze Dance

Dancing is a good way to get some exercise while having fun at the same time. Try incorporating it into your Easter festivities by playing a game of freeze dance. Just play Easter-themed music and have everyone dance to it. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze in place. If they move while there’s no music, they’re out. The last person standing wins the game.


9. Easter Piñata

Easter PiñataMost games are competitive by design. If you want everyone to come out a winner, an Easter piñata game is a good choice. To play this game, simply fill an Easter-themed piñata with candy and toys. Each kid comes up to take a whack at the piñata until it breaks. Then, watch as the kids scream with joy once all the candies and toys come gushing out.

Because this game does pose safety risks, make sure to have adequate adult supervision. Give the participant enough space to take a good swing at the piñata. And make sure no one steps over another or pushes each other. Because once all the goodies fall to the floor, it’s going to get crazy.


A Fun-Filled Easter Holiday

There are tons of fun Easter games for kids that don’t take much to prepare. If you want to create memories with your kids, spending time and playing games with them is a good way to do it.