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How Important Is HOA Management Software Customer Support?

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HOA management software is a major investment for many associations. Board members often choose a program that fits their budget and resources. However, to make the most of this investment, it’s important to have features that will help your community become more productive and efficient. One such feature is customer support. Here’s why HOA management software customer support is important.


Basics of HOA Management Software Customer Support

HOA management software has become a staple in many residential communities. The computer program takes care of the tedious administrative tasks that most associations deal with on a daily basis. For instance, sending invoices, responding to homeowner requests, tracking payments, and scheduling maintenance work takes up a lot of time.

With these day-to-day tasks taken care of, board members and managers can spend their time focusing on more pressing community matters such as financial planning and capital improvement projects.

HOA management software may require upfront or recurring costs, but it is a worthwhile investment. As administrative tasks become automated, HOAs can increase their efficiency and productivity levels.

When choosing an HOA management software, board members will choose features that are most essential to their association. The most popular features include accounting and financial management, communication tools, online payment systems, an easy-to-use interface, intricate reporting capabilities, and so on. However, one feature that many associations do not seem to consider is customer support.


Why Is HOA Software Customer Support Important?

HOA management software can make your life as a board member so much easier — but only if you’re able to use the program properly. Adapting to new technology can be confusing, especially as you come across technical issues. Customer support is essential because it allows you to maximize the benefits of your HOA management software. Here are the benefits of HOA or property management software customer support.


1. Easy Troubleshooting for Common Technical Issues

It will take associations some time before they can be truly comfortable with their new HOA management software. You may experience a lot of technical issues as you transition your manual operations to a digital system. There will be times when you won’t know how to deal with even the most common issues.

With customer support, HOA board members can easily find solutions to their problems. HOA management software customer support will already have documentation and guides that address common issues. A customer support agent can walk you through the necessary steps for troubleshooting your management software. Thus, you won’t have to waste time aimlessly tinkering with the program. You can deal with technical issues in a matter of minutes.


2. 24/7 Online Support for HOA Management Software

One of the best advantages of customer support is being able to receive help any time that you need it. Since board members also lead busy lives, some can only work on association matters at night. If you encounter any software issues late at night, you may have to postpone what you are doing until the next day or when business hours resume.

With 24/7 online support, there will always be someone who can assist you with your software issues. This is extremely beneficial for board members who are operating in a limited time. Customer support can help you become more productive because there won’t be technical issues getting in your way.


3. Seamless Integration with HOA Management Software

Customer support is designed for seamless integration with your HOA management software, official website, and even social media accounts. Customer support can access a homeowner’s request history, track pending tasks, access documents and reports, monitor homeowner and board communications, and so on. When customer support interacts with homeowners and board members, they will be able to draw upon relevant information to provide you with the best possible solution.


4. Assist Homeowners with Their Software Concerns

HOA management software customer support isn’t just for board members. Homeowners can benefit from this feature as well. If homeowners encounter problems with the online payment system or members portal, they can contact customer support for assistance. If you have a self-service option, homeowners can also resolve their problems on their own. The customer support feature will provide them with helpful guides and FAQs.

This helps lighten HOA boards’ workloads as well. You won’t have to constantly deal with calls, texts, or emails from homeowners who are having problems with the HOA management software. The time you spend dealing with these concerns can be better spent on other HOA management tasks.


5. Different Options for HOA Management Software Customer Support

Just like HOA management software, customer support comes in many different forms. You can choose an option that is best suited for the needs of your association. Here are the different types of customer support:

  • Phone Support: This is the most traditional type of customer support where a live customer service agent will help you with your concerns.
  • Interactive Voice Response: This option utilizes artificial intelligence to respond to your concerns. Based on your query, the IVR representative can access useful information or transfer you to a live agent.
  • Live Chat Support: Live chat can help address your concerns in a very timely manner. It’s a great alternative to phone support.
  • Email Support: Email may take longer than other customer support options. However, this is useful if you have long queries or complex issues as you have the medium to write down all relevant information.
  • Self-Service Support: Self-service allows you to explore different avenues and find the best solution to your problem. Since there is minimal interaction, this option is best for those who have non-urgent concerns.


Consider the Added Benefits of HOA Management Software Customer Support

Choosing HOA management software can be tedious and time-consuming. Board members want to find the best program for their association but also want to keep costs as low as possible. Many associations go with the bare minimum for this reason. However, since you are already making a major investment, why not maximize its benefits? With HOA management customer support, you will have the assistance you need to deal with minor to complex issues. You’ll be able to better navigate the ins and outs of your HOA management software, ensuring the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

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