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Using An HOA Management Software During The COVID-19 Pandemic

HOA Management Software During COVID-19

Why should homeowners associations start using an HOA management software during COVID-19? Given the state of the world right now, there are many reasons.


The Rise of HOA Management Software During COVID-19

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, many homeowners associations relied on traditional processes or the help of a management company for their day-to-day operations. It was just the way HOA communities did things, and people felt there was no need to change their ways if it had worked for them this long. Older communities, in particular, felt more apprehensive about incorporating digital technologies into their procedures, as it meant learning new methods all over again.

Then, COVID-19 happened, sending the world into a spin. Authorities and health officials encouraged people to stay inside their homes. They advised people to wear face masks and practice social distancing when outside. The sudden outbreak forced businesses to temporarily close and countless employees to lose their job. Even homeowners associations felt the effects and began asking whether or not it was right to shut down amenities or continue to collect dues even amid the economic turmoil.

To homeowners associations, it soon became clear that face-to-face operations were no longer realistic — or safe. The need for contactless interactions welcomed the rise of digital solutions, including the adoption of HOA management software.

For some communities, HOA software is nothing new. Plenty of self-managed associations have been using HOA software even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Those that employ management companies are also probably familiar with such programs. But, for others, the concept of HOA management software and the idea of adopting it became a saving grace for the continuation of operations. As a result, more and more associations are now investing in HOA management software.


The Benefits of Adopting HOA Management Software During COVID-19

HOA Management Software During COVID-19Even though an HOA management software is a useful tool, and not just during times of crisis, many homeowners associations still feel hesitant about purchasing one.

This reluctance is understandable considering the financial and technological obligations that come with it. But, HOA software is an investment. It is designed to last for years on end, even after the pandemic has subsided. It might mean having to learn something new, but a willingness to learn is a quality that every board member should have.

If you still remain on the fence about it, here are the reasons you should invest in HOA software during COVID-19:


Supports the Health and Safety of Members

The coronavirus disease transmits from person to person primarily through respiratory droplets. This is why authorities and experts advise everyone to wear face masks and keep at least 6 feet away from other people. But, many homeowners and HOA board members find it difficult to carry on without leaving their homes. Homeowners have to pay their monthly dues, and board members need to attend meetings to discuss community issues.

An HOA management software, though, can streamline these processes while keeping members safe. Many programs allow members to pay their dues online, which is not only more convenient but is also safer than having to go to the bank or mail a check. Members can also submit requests and applications digitally, which board members can review and approve in the same manner. Some programs even come with website capabilities, making document requests much easier.

You can perform all of these things from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a board member or not, you will surely benefit from the use of HOA management software during COVID-19. Cast your worries away and let the program do most of the work for you.


Allows for Continued Operations With Minimal Risk

hoa software during covid-19Given the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, homeowners associations should avoid holding in-person meetings. This includes board meetings and annual or general assembly meetings, especially in enclosed or indoor spaces.

The problem is, homeowners associations heavily rely on meetings and face-to-face discussions to get things done. In fact, many associations prohibit board members from conducting official business outside of a meeting with a quorum.

The good news is, many associations also allow virtual or email meetings. And most HOA management software comes equipped with communication tools like email. Some even have video conferencing capabilities, though there is nothing wrong with using third-party providers such as Zoom or Skype. Keep in mind, though, that not all states and governing documents permit this type of setup, so make sure to check with your attorney first.

With an HOA management software, you can address complaints, handle requests, manage finances, and generally proceed with operations without needing to meet physically. And, even after the pandemic, the software can still be of great use to your association.


Ensures Compliance With Government Regulations

Imposing travel bans, business closures, and lockdowns are some of the most common ways countries responded to the pandemic. While the United States did not issue a nationwide lockdown, the government did institute other restrictions. This went on for many months.

Today, many businesses have reopened and government restrictions have somewhat relaxed. Even though this is the case, some areas still advise residents to stay home. Others still have limitations on indoor and outdoor gatherings. To comply with these mandates, it is imperative to have a way to conduct association business from home. Every state has its own coronavirus-related restrictions, though, so it is important to know those in yours.


The Future of HOA Management Software

The industry of HOA management software is expected to trend upwards in the coming years. While the pandemic forced many associations to adopt HOA software, it also opened their eyes to the usefulness of such programs. HOA software is convenient and time-efficient, so its continued rise in popularity in a post-COVID world is inevitable. If you have yet to join the countless communities benefiting from HOA software, now is the time to do so.

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