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11 HOA New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For The Community

HOA new year's eve party ideas

A new year marks the beginning of a new chapter, which is why cultures around the world celebrate the momentous occasion. For homeowners associations, it is a chance to bring residents together. If you’re running out of HOA New Year’s Eve party ideas, you’ve come to the right place.


Welcome 2022 With These HOA New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

The holiday season is the perfect time for people to relax and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. For many others, though, it is a time to celebrate and let loose. After a physically and mentally exhausting year for homeowners associations, a celebration is certainly deserved.

One of the challenges of planning an HOA New Year’s Eve party, though, is coming up with ideas. From party themes and favors to activities and costumes, here are some of the best ideas for New Year’s Eve events.


1. Livestream the Ball Drop

The Times Square Ball Drop is a headline event that attracts at least a million attendees every year. But, for those who can’t make it in person, the event is televised on a national scale. As a way to bring the community together, consider counting down to the new year by streaming the ball drop at the community clubhouse. The HOA can organize the event, serve simple snacks and drinks, and show the ball drop through a screen or projector.


2. Stick to a Simple Dance Party

HOA new year's eve party ideasWho says HOA New Year’s Eve party ideas need to be complicated and fresh? Even a modest dance party can do wonders for community spirit. The great thing about a dance party is that it caters to all ages. Kids, adults, and elderly residents alike can participate and have fun. Add some refreshments, a few snacks, and perhaps even a disco ball, and you’ve got yourself a banger!


3. Countdown With a Movie Marathon

Parties don’t have to be physically engaging. Homeowners associations can keep it simple by organizing a movie marathon that ends at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Guests can bring their own snacks and beverages or the HOA can provide them for a fee. Some of the best movies to watch this holiday season include “About A Boy,” “Sleepless In Seattle,” “Love Actually,” and, of course, the star-studded “New Year’s Eve.”


4. Bring Vegas to Your Community

In need of HOA New Year’s Eve party ideas for adults? Bring out the poker sets and blackjack tables — it’s Vegas night!

To plan a Vegas-themed New Year’s Eve party, an HOA will need a space big enough to accommodate card tables and guests. The community clubhouse will usually suffice. It may also be necessary to rent gaming tables, though a DIY approach is also possible. Of course, it is a good idea to play with fake money for legal reasons.


5. Get Started With a Workout Party

The two most popular New Year’s resolutions for Americans this year are to improve their fitness and to lose weight. Homeowners associations can encourage residents to get a head start on their resolutions by counting down with fitness classes. This one is relatively easy to set up if the HOA already has a gym or fitness center. Though, classes can also take place in other common spaces. Some of the best community workouts to organize include aerial silks, cycling, restorative yoga, and dance classes.


6. Get Fancy With a Masquerade Ball

HOA new year eve party games ideasTransformation is a key element of New Year’s celebrations, so it makes sense to plan a masquerade ball. To attend, guests must wear masks and formal attire.

Associations can also provide masks at the venue to take the burden off of residents. With a masquerade ball, HOAs can encourage residents to tap into their mysterious sides. For an extra dash of adventure, count down to midnight with a New Year’s Eve kiss before asking guests to take their masks off.


7. Get Competitive With Games

Parties are more fun with games, so associations can consider planning a game night instead. Residents can bring their own board or card games from home to share with everyone else. Alternatively, the HOA’s social events committee can organize party games ahead of time and even offer a prize for the night’s ultimate winner. Gift checks to local shops and restaurants work great, though cash prizes are fine, too.

Some of the best HOA New Year Eve party games ideas include:

  • Musical chairs
  • Charades
  • Pictionary
  • Heads up
  • React and act


8. Have a Bubble-Themed Night

One of the more unique HOA New Year’s Even party ideas is a bubble-themed night. To throw such a party, HOAs can decorate the venue with balloons and streamers. For kids, associations can hand out bubble blowers or bubblegum to enjoy. As for refreshments, you can get creative by serving bubbly water, champagne, and even bubble tea. Then, before the night ends, the HOA can give away bubble bath bombs as party favors.


9. Stay Comfortable With a PJs Party

Sometimes, it is much easier (and more comfortable) attending a party in your jammies. Homeowners associations can change things up this year by throwing a pajama party instead of a fancy one. Guests can come sporting their favorite or most eccentric sleepwear along with comfy slippers. Decorate the venue with bedsheets and lay down pillows on the ground in place of chairs. For activities, watching a movie or telling exciting stories work great. Finally, as HOA New Year’s Eve party favors, you can hand out soft socks.


10. Have Some Fun in the Sun With an Outdoor Party

HOA new year's eve party favorsOne of the best HOA New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids is to throw a daytime party outdoors. Kids often need to be in bed by a certain time or they get sleepy before midnight.

As a way to celebrate with them without having to keep them up too late, an HOA can host an outdoor New Year’s Eve party. The party can include snacks, beverages, and games, as well as an early countdown. Aside from kids, this type of party works perfectly for the elderly and those who simply can’t be bothered to stay up until midnight.


11. Have a Virtual Party

The past two years have been wrought with uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with vaccines available, there are still a lot of people who are afraid to go to crowded places, especially with a new variant of concern spreading. As a compromise, homeowners associations can plan a remote New Year’s Eve party instead. The party can take place on Zoom while residents stay in their respective homes. It can include games played over an online platform and end with a countdown to 2022.


Not a Dull Moment

Ringing in the new year is always more fun when done with other people. For homeowners associations, this is the perfect opportunity to spread some holiday cheer while fostering community camaraderie. Start with these excellent HOA New Year’s Eve party ideas!