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9 Advantages Of Hiring HOA Security

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Security is a primary concern for many homeowners associations. But, is hiring HOA security guards or companies even worth the investment?


Top Reasons to Hire HOA Security Guards

One of the chief considerations many homebuyers make before purchasing a home is security, especially if the home is located within a community association or subdivision. Even after the homebuying process, though, security remains important. The residents of an HOA community deserve to feel safe in their own neighborhoods. And, when security starts to lax, residents will surely bring the issue to the HOA board.

If an HOA wishes to beef up its security, hiring a security company or security guards is a good place to start. Here are the benefits of employing HOA security guards.


1. Maintain Exclusivity

Gated communities manage to preserve property values and maintain appeal through exclusivity. But, it is also a way of protecting the people who live within the community. By screening visitors and keeping non-residents out, the community can remain exclusive.

Even if a community isn’t gated, though, security guards remain a useful investment. Homeowners associations typically have common areas and amenities that are only available to members. Associations can post security guards outside of these areas, and they can screen people who enter the facilities. They can disallow entrance to outsiders and keep residents safe.


2. Deter Crime

homeowners association securityDid you know that more than 1 million home burglaries happen in the United States every year? With break-ins and theft such a big problem for homeowners, security guards are well worth the money.

When you post security guards at entrances and exits, you can help deter crime in the community. This includes break-ins, theft, and even vandalism. A lower crime rate within the neighborhood can help boost property values and keep residents feeling safe. If crime is a big issue for your HOA, hiring security guards or a security firm can improve homeowners association security.


3. Minimize Parking Violations

Parking and traffic violations are not always easy to spot. This is because these rule violations require a keen eye and actual time spent outside. In that sense, security guards are perfect for the job. One of the HOA security responsibilities they can perform is to look out for any traffic or parking rule violations. The offender may not feel too good about receiving a notice of violation or being slapped with a fine. But, it will help your HOA board consistently enforce the rules and minimize future violations.


4. Liaise With Law Enforcement

It is imperative for every homeowners association to maintain a healthy relationship with local law enforcement. After all, not all problems can be resolved in-house. There are some things, such as crime reports and issues of domestic violence, that require police intervention.

HOA security companies can act as the first responder. When a security guard receives a crime report, they can refer the issue to the local police department. Essentially, security guards can act as the liaison between the homeowners association and the law enforcement agency.


5. Patrol

hoa security guardsSecurity guards are not omnipresent beings. They are usually posted to a specific area and given responsibilities to fulfill. But, when you hire a security company, they can also supply guards who can conduct regular patrols. Foot and vehicle patrols are great because they can help identify crime and rule violations as they occur. An HOA security patrol also works to ensure the community remains a safe place to live in, as residents tend to feel more secure when there are trained professionals watching over the neighborhood.


6. Assist Guests

Gated HOA communities are only usually open to members of the association. But, it is not uncommon for residents to receive guests and visitors, especially during the holiday season when parties occur more frequently.

When guests visit the HOA community, security guards can meet them at the gate. Guards can provide them with a gate pass that will grant them entry into the community. They can also educate guests on where they can park and offer directions to their destination. Additionally, guards can keep a physical record of guests’ names, making it easier to use as a reference in case the need arises.


7. Monitor Security Cameras

It is normal for an HOA to install security cameras in common areas. But, depending on the make and model, these security cameras aren’t always advanced enough to alert board members when an altercation is happening in real-time. For full effect, your HOA security will still need a human touch. This is where security guards come in.

Security guards can monitor surveillance cameras while on duty. They can spot crime and other unwanted activity from afar and then either respond to it or pass it on to management. Just make sure the security cameras in your HOA community don’t infringe on privacy laws.


8. Round-the-Clock Safety

hoa securityThe great thing about hiring security guards is that you can post them 24/7. Security firms offer different packages, with shifting schedules allowing for round-the-clock safety and patrolling. While it is true that people tend to feel more uncomfortable under the cloak of darkness, there are plenty of things that can happen in the daytime, too. In fact, almost half a million home burglaries occur during the day because thieves think people aren’t at home during this time.


9. Professional Training

Although an HOA can theoretically rely on volunteers to conduct neighborhood watches, volunteers are far from experts. Security guards are trained and licensed professionals. They know exactly what to do and how to respond when faced with different scenarios. Residents are also more likely to listen to security guards than their neighbors.


Taking the Right Steps

Many homeowners associations struggle with improving HOA security in their communities. But, by hiring security guards and installing security cameras, HOAs can take one step closer to ensuring the safety of residents.

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