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HOA Vendor Management: Keep Track Of Your Vendors With Ease

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Great, reliable service from vendors can be hard to find so when you do, it’s important to nurture the business relationship. However, with so many things going in, board members can easily lose track of homeowners association payments, vendor contracts, and other important documentation. If you want your vendors to deliver a high level of service, homeowners association vendor management is a must.


What Is HOA Vendor Management?

HOA vendor management is the process of developing, managing, and controlling vendor activities and performance. The overall goal is to establish a strong relationship that will drive a vendor to deliver excellent service throughout the contract period. Through vendor management, HOAs can reduce the risks and get the most value out of the business relationship.

Vendor management seems like a simple process but when the association is dealing with more than a handful of vendors, it can become complicated. Each vendor will have its own contract, work orders, pricing, payment schedules, communication line. Without an organized document management system, an HOA is more likely to miss payments, lose contracts, and have misunderstandings — all of which can deteriorate the HOA-vendor relationship.

If you are having a hard time keeping track of vendors, it might be time to consider a digital solution. Investing in HOA software can help you manage vendors effectively and efficiently so that there are no service failures and service disruptions in your community.


Benefits of Using HOA Software for Vendor Management

Vendor management for HOAs becomes simpler and easier with the help of software. Here are some of the benefits you can expect.


1. A Comprehensive Database of Vendors

Searching for a new vendor is quite tedious. You need to find potential companies online, perform enough research to narrow down the choices, request for bid proposals, and then negotiate the terms of the contract. After all that, you’ll end up choosing only one.

Rather than have valuable vendor information get lost in your file cabinets or end up in the trash, HOA software enables you to store all the information electronically. They won’t take up space and clutter your office space. And when the time comes when you need a new vendor, you can quickly search your database for their contact information.

You can even view vendors based on their quoted prices to narrow your choices. No need to go through the grueling search process all over again. Just call up the vendor and request an updated proposal. Thus, HOA software can save you a lot of time and effort.

HOA software can also store vendor contracts. You can easily research and refer to a contract when talking to a vendor and potentially renewing the business relationship. If there are issues with their services, you can also quickly bring up the terms of the vendor contract.


2. Streamlined Communications

Streamlined Communications | keep track of vendors in an hoaVendor management can become confusing if both parties are dealing with different people every time. Communication lines get crossed, resulting in miscommunications or even disagreements.

It’s also a waste of time to be constantly repeating or relaying information. HOA software can help prevent communication breakdowns.

By limiting communication to a single channel, HOAs can easily keep track of messages exchanged with a specific vendor. If you need clarification, you can first read through previous responses before inquiring with the vendor. If there are relevant updates with the community, the association can also use the HOA software to send messages to its entire list of vendors.


3. Keep Track of Invoices and Payments

HOA software can help you keep track of invoices and payments. The program allows you to process invoices, issue payments, and print out checks. You can even print out one check for multiple invoices to be more efficient. Not only that, but the HOA can also save on paper, ink, and other office supplies.

When it comes to payments, HOA software can help you monitor payment schedules so that each vendor is paid on time — despite having different payment schedules. You can also set up recurring payments for your vendors so that you don’t have to process them each time.


4. Simplified Work Orders

HOA software simplifies work orders for easier vendor management. The program keeps all previous work orders so you can simply duplicate and adjust them when generating future work orders. It’s also easy to refer to previous work orders when there are issues or clarifications from either party. Since HOAs may be dealing with work orders from different vendors at any given time, the software will make everything organized and manageable.


5. Record and Deliver Feedback on Services

Record and Deliver Feedback on Services | homeowners association vendor managementHOA software can also keep a record of your comments and feedback regarding a specific vendor. You can also take note of the goals and objectives for your relationship with vendors.

If you want to convey points for improvement to your vendors, you can send them via software’s HOA communication tools. Thus, there is a record of all correspondences should there be any dispute or disagreement. Conversely, you can also send positive feedback to your vendors for HOA vendor relationship management.


HOA Vendor Management Tips for Better Relationships

Apart from utilizing software, there are also many other ways to strengthen your relationship with vendors. Here are some helpful HOA vendor management tips to keep in mind.

  • Communicate to Vendors Clearly and Openly: Right from the start, make sure that communication lines are always open between the HOA and your vendors. Make sure to clearly state your goals and objectives so that vendors can adjust their services accordingly. If there are changes that affect the services they provide, make sure that your vendors are informed as soon as possible.
  • Maintain Reasonable Expectations: All HOAs will want excellent service from their vendors. However, it’s unfair to hold your vendors to unrealistic demands. Your expectations should be reasonable based on the vendor’s capabilities and pricing. Do not ask for things that are already outside the scope of services outlined in the contract.
  • Address Issues Promptly: If there are things you do not like regarding your vendor or their services, address them as soon as possible. If not, the vendor will not have the chance to correct these issues. It will be hard to build a good relationship with your vendor if there are lingering or unresolved issues.


HOA Vendor Management for Long-Lasting Business Relationships

Vendors deliver essential services that allow an HOA to run smoothly and efficiently. If you want to develop long-lasting business relationships, consider investing in HOA vendor management software. It’ll be easier to juggle the many schedules, financial obligations, and work orders of your vendors. As vendors see your effort in maintaining the relationship, they will also be encouraged to deliver better service. They may even offer better deals when it’s time to renew the contract.

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