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9 Fun And Safe Activities For Senior Citizens In Your HOA

senior citizens in your hoa

Part of what makes homeowners associations so enjoyable are the social activities that residents get to participate in. But the senior citizens in your HOA shouldn’t get left out of the fun.


Best Activities to Plan for Senior Citizens in Your HOA

HOA boards should do their best to get everyone involved in the community, even if it’s just participating in activities or attending events. One demographic that many associations neglect is senior citizens, except in communities that primarily consist of them.

Here are some fun yet appropriate activities for senior citizens in your HOA.


1. Tai Chi Mornings

Tai Chi in HOATai chi is not just a form of martial arts, but it is also good for the well-being of practitioners. It combines meditation with defense training and is known to have numerous health benefits. For instance, did you know that tai chi can help reduce pain in fibromyalgia patients? It can also help prevent falls and may help alleviate some symptoms of select chronic diseases.

Exercise is best performed in the morning when the sun isn’t too high up. Plus, most senior citizens get up early anyway. While you would ideally hold tai chi sessions outside, there’s no harm in doing it indoors if space is an issue. If you’re looking for activities for aging residents in your association, tai chi promotes exercise and good health and encourages senior neighbors to mingle.


2. Brisk Walking

Tai chi is excellent, but not all communities have access to large open spaces or a tai chi instructor. If you want something that will get the blood pumping (in a good way) but doesn’t require a lot of resources, try brisk walking. All you need for this activity is a walking trail. If you don’t have that, a simple walk around the neighborhood will do just as well.

As with tai chi, it’s best to hold this activity in the morning, though afternoon walks are good, too. With brisk walking, the elderly can spend some time outside, breathe in the fresh air, and catch up with each other. It’s also fast enough to get the heart rate up but not so fast that it’ll hurt their joints.


3. Moderate Dancing

When it comes to activities for senior citizens in your community, dancing usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. There are dances that are more suitable for seniors, too. These include ballroom dancing, jazz dancing, line dancing, the waltz, and dance aerobics. Of course, dance classes will require the help of an instructor.


4. Afternoon Tea

senior afternoon teaWho says activities should always have a dynamic component? Senior residents can have fun sitting around, having tea, and talking about anything.

Plan an afternoon tea session for your community’s elderly members. You can offer a variety of tea flavors and prepare a wide range of snacks — both sweet and salty. If senior residents don’t know each other well, prepare some talking points beforehand. They can find things in common, bond through shared experiences, and make meaningful connections.

Who knows? If all goes well, you can even make it a monthly thing!


5. Art Class

An art class is one of the more unique activities for senior citizens in your HOA. Everyone deserves to express themselves creatively, and what better way to do that than through art? After all, a person’s artistic side doesn’t fade just because they age.

You can stick with the classic drawing or painting session for art class. Alternatively, if you want to jazz things up, a sculpting or pottery class will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention (though it also requires more specialized resources). If you can’t afford an instructor, even a get-together where seniors make handicrafts can help reignite their passion for art.


6. Book Club

As the famous saying goes, “with age comes wisdom.” But living a long life isn’t the only way to open your mind and learn new things. Books are an excellent source of wisdom, too. Plus, they can be very entertaining and make you feel a diverse palette of emotions, from joy and despair to pain and excitement.

If you want to organize activities for senior citizens in your HOA, you can’t go wrong with a book club. Pick a book of the month that everyone in the club has to read. Then, members can get together at the end of each month and discuss their insights or feelings. You can even make it a weekly thing where members only read a set number of chapters weekly.


7. Bingo Nights

HOA bingo No list of activities for the elderly is complete without bingo night. Bingo is a fun game that helps keep the mind active and attentive. All you need to make it a success is a bingo set, plenty of bingo cards, and a large enough space. You can also prepare a prize for the winner to make the game worthwhile.

Virtual bingo nights are a good option if you don’t have a space large enough to accommodate everyone. Several websites offer online bingo events that you can organize for your community. If you want to do it the old-fashioned way (as is suitable for most seniors), you can mail them their bingo cards which they can manually fill out.


8. Karaoke Night

The fun doesn’t stop just because people get old. Senior residents also know how to have a good time, and a karaoke night is a can’t-miss. Again, you’ll need ample space for this if you expect to see plenty of attendees. You can either hire a live band or rent a karaoke machine. Participants can then come to the stage individually to sing their heart’s song.

While you can make it a competition by offering a prize to the best singer, it’s generally better to just focus on the fun. The goal is to get senior residents involved and have them mingle with each other. And encouraging rivalry doesn’t make for good bonding. You can follow your HOA’s noise rules to avoid creating a nuisance.


9. Senior-Friendly Parties

If none of these activities seem a good fit for your HOA, you can always stick to the tried-and-tested party. Parties or simple social gatherings are great because they gather seniors under the same roof. You can make a nice spread, play music, and even organize a few games. Just remember to make them all senior-friendly!


Spice Things Up for Seniors

activities for seniors inside the neighborhoodIf senior citizens are in your HOA, making them feel just as valued and loved as other community members is essential. Seniors usually no longer work jobs, so they have much free time. Add a little color and fun to their life in the association by holding one or more of these events.

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