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How Can A HOA Management Software Keep Up With Service Requests

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One of the duties of HOA boards and management companies is to oversee and respond to service requests from homeowners. Over time, requests and work orders begin to pile up, and manual processing no longer seems realistic.


Track Your Service Requests Better With HOA Management Software

In a homeowners or condominium association, residents make all kinds of requests all the time. From maintenance requests to architectural requests, board members must manage and respond to these requests in a timely manner. As associations grow larger, though, service requests can start to pour in by the hundreds. The same goes for HOA management companies with multiple associations under their supervision.

When you have a lot of homeowners to please, you must avoid delays and unresponsiveness, especially when it comes to emergency requests. Thankfully, technological advancements have made it possible to simplify service request management.

Today, community associations and management companies can purchase HOA management software as an all-around tool. This typically comes with a diverse set of modules, such as a Violations and Architectural Request module, designed to make processes more efficient.

Here are the ways an HOA management software can help you keep up with service requests:


1. All-in-One Location

all in one | architectural requestsTraditional processes rely on physical copies of request forms, usually filed or submitted manually. This setup, though, requires you to sort through multiple forms and documents. It also carries the risk of misplacing forms, especially if you lack a good filing system.

When you invest in HOA management software, you can access all the service requests in one neat location. With a few simple clicks of your mouse, you can also sort orders by date, name, nature, or sender. Best of all, you can look for specific documents using a search function.

You can choose to put your system in the cloud or limit it to your network. Either way, a single location for all your service requests makes for easy access. Somehow, it is also much easier to manage work orders when they come in digital form rather than piles of paperwork.


2. Streamline Processing

When it comes to processing, manual setups usually require a team of people, each one with a specified task. As forms get passed around from one person to another, they can easily get lost in the hubbub.

Before long, homeowners will be following up on the status of their request, and you either have to look for the form in a sea of records or ask the homeowner to file another request at the risk of igniting their wrath. Worse yet, you will start pointing fingers as to who is responsible for the loss.

With an HOA management system, though, you can process service requests like a well-oiled machine. A typical work orders module will allow you to assign requests to individuals and even has an audit trail to pinpoint who exactly touched the request last. It is an asset to all self-managed HOAs.


3. Faster Response Rate

A more streamlined process will naturally lead to increased efficiency and a faster turnaround. With the help of an HOA management program, you can search, review, approve, or deny requests at a quicker rate. Most systems even come with email integration so that you can send work orders to vendors and reply to homeowners without leaving your seat. Plus, a faster response time equates to happier residents.


4. Simplified Actions With the Use of Commands

How many times have you come across the same request from different homeowners? Manual processing requires you to staple them all together. But, with HOA management software, you can merge similar tickets with ease.

This will allow you to declutter your Inbox and free up some storage space without needing to delete any requests. All requesting homeowners will still be attached to the ticket, so you don’t have to worry about leaving anyone out. A lot of systems also allow you to duplicate requests if the need arises.


5. User Access Control

secure | violations and architectural request moduleYou may have a number of people using the same software for different purposes. The beauty of going digital is that you can restrict user access so that only individuals with clearance can manage certain modules.

Those responsible for tracking and managing service requests can be limited to just that module. This way, they can’t obtain or view any sensitive information.


6. Data Security

The problem with physical request forms is the risk of getting lost or blemished. With the world moving to a largely digital format, the problem now lies with privacy, security, and data loss.

Modern problems require modern solutions. Whether you put your system in the cloud or restrict it to a local network, performing backups is generally painless. Some programs can even execute automatic backups at fixed times. In terms of privacy and security, software developers make sure to place security protocols, such as SSL encryption, to protect your information. Password protection is also a standard.


7. Assess Performance

The best way to improve your process is to take a step back and review the statistics. This is nearly impossible with manual setup unless you are meticulous enough to time how long it takes for each service request to get processed. A digital approach, on the other hand, makes it easier to measure performance. Using management software, you can pinpoint areas of improvement, minimize delays, and optimize your system.


8. Convenience

Arguably the biggest selling point of a digital system is convenience. Gone are the days of filling out handwritten or printed forms and then sending them through mail or email. An HOA management software allows homeowners to send service requests directly to your inbox. Some programs even let you attach photos as supporting documents.


9. Scalable

A chief concern among homeowners associations is how to scale their processes as the community grows. More new homeowners mean more service requests. Before you know it, you will find yourself buried in a mountain of paperwork. The beauty of HOA management software is that it is expansion-ready. The only real change you need to make is adding more user accounts to the homeowner online portal.


The Future Is Digital

Answering and addressing service requests is a primary responsibility of HOA boards and management companies. The job can come as a challenge, though, if you continue to use traditional methods. Step into the modern world and make life much easier with HOA management software.

While you can buy separate modules with distinct functions and attempt to stitch them together yourself, it is much better to invest in an all-around HOA management system. This is where Condo Manager comes in. Call us at 800-626-1267 to learn more about our software or fill out an online form to schedule a free demo of our product.