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5 Ways The Condo Manager Software Improves HOA Communication

software improves HOA communication

Communication in homeowners associations is crucial for success. However, with so many tasks and responsibilities, it can be easy to forget appointments, misplace paperwork, or lose track of conversations — leading to communication breakdowns between homeowners, board members, and their association managers. Condo Manager software improves HOA communication so you can enjoy more seamless and efficient operations.


How Condo Manager Software Improves HOA Communication

Condo Manager is designed by association management experts and created specifically to address the needs of HOA communities, both big and small. Our software is equipped with HOA communication tools that you can use to improve the communication process of your community. Here’s what you can expect from Condo Manager.


1. Comprehensive HOA Database

Have all the information you’ll ever need at the touch of your fingertips. Condo Manager offers a web portal where you can create profiles for homeowners, tenants, vendors, properties, and associations.

The software will keep personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contact details. If there is an urgent matter, you can quickly lookup a homeowner’s contact information to quickly resolve the issue.

Condo Manager also keeps track of account balances and violation reports. Homeowners won’t have to call management to inquire about unsettled dues. They can just log into the web portal. As a result, associations won’t be overwhelmed with homeowner requests and can free up communication lines for more urgent matters.


2. Detailed Communication Logs

Condo Manager will store the full communication history of your association. The software allows you to monitor past letters, emails, and phone calls from homeowners, tenants, and vendors. The communication log will also show dates, times, call durations, notes, and personnel involved for your reference. Thus, you can always pick up where you left off. Associations won’t have to waste time retreating old ground and HOA members won’t become frustrated at having to repeat themselves during every call.

Condo Manager has robust tracking capabilities as well. For management companies handling multiple associations, the software can track how many hours were spent on communication. The Profitability Module will mark all billable items and generate a full report for easy invoicing. Since everything is detailed, companies can have effective communications with HOA associations that they handle.


3. Streamlined Communications

communication with HOA associationsAssociations spend a lot of time connecting accounting and service records with their communications. You have to jump between word processors and spreadsheets, cross-reference records, and double-check emails to get the information you need.

And even then, there are still a lot of opportunities for error. Condo Manager has streamlined the communication process so that your management team can work faster and more efficiently.

Our all-in-one-software has an integrated word processor. You can create letters for collections, violations, architectural requests without having to leave the program. There are custom options and templates so that you can quickly create letters and settle urgent issues in a timely manner.

Condo Manager also has email integration so you can send these letters, as well as financial reports, maintenance requests, and work orders, directly from the software. All you need to do is press the “Send by Email” button and it will be sent. You can also customize the settings to control when emails are sent and who they are sent to. Moreover, the software saves all the emails you send in case there is a need to retrieve the information later.


4. Convenient Reminders and To-Do Items

Condo Manager has built-in reminders and to-do tracking features so you’re always on top of association requests. For instance, you can set reminders to follow-up with homeowners. By keeping appointments, homeowners will feel seen and heard by their association.

The software can also create to-do lists to manage vendors‘ upcoming work orders. You can also set notifications for insurance expiration dates, utility payment due dates, or upcoming inspection dates to prevent lapses or service disruptions in your community.


5. Mobile Compatibility

We also offer Condo Manager Live, which allows you to access the software from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. Just as long as you have an internet connection, you can keep up with HOA communications.

You’ll be able to access account balances, violations, and work orders, as well as respond to emails and requests, even if you are out of the office. If managers or board members are unable to handle a certain request while off-site, they can easily send an email to concerned homeowners to ensure them that their request has been received.


Find Out How Condo Manager Improves Association Communication

The Condo Manager team understands the unique challenges that associations face, especially when it comes to HOA communications. With your specific issues and needs in mind, our association management experts developed software from the ground up to provide the solutions and support that you need.

Condo Manager is also more than just communications software. It features a full suite of services that can help with the day-to-day management of your community. For instance, simple but comprehensive accounting tools will make it easier to keep track of finances and maintain the financial health of your association.

Condo Manager can also be utilized as self-managed HOA software or by management companies handling multiple associations. The software can be tailored to deliver the association management services that you need the most.

Ready to find out how Condo Manager improves communication? Do not hesitate to call us at (800)-626-1267, email us at sales@condomanagerusa.com, or contact us online for a free demo or to learn more about our HOA software solutions.