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10 Thanksgiving Activities For The Community

thanksgiving activities for the community

Thanksgiving activities for the community are a fantastic way for neighborhoods to celebrate the national holiday together. They’re fun and can foster closer bonds within the community. Moreover, they’re sure to be memorable for everyone involved.


10 Best Thanksgiving Activities for the Community

Thanksgiving is the most popular event in the United States. Families have gathered together to celebrate the holiday since the 1860s. While the festivities usually involve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and Thanksgiving desserts, the holiday has evolved.

Nowadays, even entire communities celebrate the holiday together with food and activities. What are some Thanksgiving activities for the community to enjoy? Here are a few good ideas your neighborhood can try out.


1. Thanksgiving Feast

Everyone loves food. What better way to foster close community relationships than with a grand feast? A feast is exactly in the spirit of the holiday. It’s relatively easy to put together, too. The community’s residents only need to decide on a menu. To make things easier, the feast can be a potluck where everyone pitches in by bringing food.

The only tricky part is preparing a venue for the feast. However, communities with clubhouses or event spaces will have no problem preparing a venue. Meanwhile, other communities can reserve a local church or nearby high school gym. Some may even be able to collaborate with local restaurants.


2. Community Football

thanksgiving Community FootballThanksgiving and football are two classic American events. Why not put them together and have a community football gathering? It’s perfect for neighborhoods with a local NFL team or football college.

This may be a bit trickier to set up, considering the venue and equipment aren’t always easily accessible. However, if possible, it’s a good idea to encourage community members to enter their team into a tournament. The community can host the tournament over a weekend. Communities can even have different segments for family, children’s, and mixed-gender teams.


3. Thanksgiving Quiz Night

Exercising your brain is just as important as exercising your body. If not a football tournament, why not consider a Thanksgiving-themed quiz night? All the community needs to do is set up a special HOA committee.

The committee can draft questions about the holiday’s history with the committee set up. They can also dip into Native American history or international holidays with similar or different traditions. The quiz night can have a small entrance fee, with the proceeds donated to charity.


4. Thanksgiving Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Hosting a scavenger hunt is perfect for communities with young families. Both adults and kids can enjoy the activity as they receive clues and look for leads throughout the neighborhood. The community can limit the hunt to one or two venues or expand it to the whole community.

Plus, the activity is easy to create. There are dozens of online templates for Thanksgiving scavenger hunts. Communities can also personalize the scavenger hunt according to the neighborhood’s traditions.


5. Turkey Fun Run

It might sound a little silly, but hosting a fun run dressed as turkeys is precisely the kind of kooky activity that can bring people together. Turkey is a big part of the holiday festivities, after all. It’s in line with the theme and good exercise for all the participants, too!

Just plan a 5k fun run route around the community. The turkey trot can start and end on the same spot. To make things more fun, the community can also provide snacks and beverages and put on some music. This way, everyone can enjoy the race.


6. Native American History Festival

The history of Thanksgiving is intertwined with Native American history. That’s why it’s the perfect time to host a Native American history festival for everyone to enjoy. Both kids and their parents can gather together and dive deeper into the past.

Participants can also come in traditional costumes. The community can also put on plays, demonstrations, and talks or lessons. They can even invite people from local drama or theater societies or schools. Just prepare a suitable venue like the neighborhood park or clubhouse.


7. Thanksgiving Food Drive

The holiday is all about giving thanks for the harvest or life. What better way to give thanks than to organize a food drive for the local food bank or homeless shelter? This way, the community can show their thankfulness by giving back.

Encourage the local residents to stock up on food with long shelf lives, like canned goods. People don’t have to give a lot — they can give as they can. The point is to help others in need. It also sets a good example for the neighborhood kids. They’ll know how to give back and make a difference in others’ lives when they grow up.


8. Thanksgiving Community Yard Sale

Thanksgiving is a great time to declutter and host a special community yard sale. It allows people to get rid of items they no longer want or need. Moreover, it helps others find good deals on items they want.

The proceeds of the community yard sale can be given to a local homeless shelter. Alternatively, the community can also donate it to a local charity. This is also a good way to show thankfulness by giving back to people in need.


Thanksgiving Pumpkin Patch9. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins aren’t limited to Halloween. They’re also a big part of Thanksgiving. The community can celebrate the holiday by partnering with a nearby farm to host a pumpkin patch. They can place the pumpkins around the community park. Residents can walk along the park and choose pumpkins to take home for decoration, carving, or cooking.


10. Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts

Families with young children, in particular, will enjoy this event. The community can host an arts and crafts session with a Thanksgiving theme. All that’s needed are art materials like paper, scissors, crayons, and googly eyes. The participants can make a collage of whatever’s in line with the theme.

Afterward, the participants can display their handiwork around designated public spaces in the neighborhood. They can also take their craft home to decorate the house.


Giving Thanks Together

These Thanksgiving activities for the community are great ways to encourage community involvement. They can also engage the residents and help them get to know their neighbors while celebrating the holiday.