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9 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Seniors In Your Community

valentine's day ideas for seniors

A lot of brands and communities focus on the younger crowd when using Valentine’s Day as a tool for engagement. But, senior residents also deserve to receive love from their homeowners association this time of the year. Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for seniors.


Fun and Suitable Valentine’s Day Ideas for Seniors

While older adults are more likely to live with extended family in other parts of the world, the United States stands out. In fact, in the U.S., 27% of adults aged 60 and older live alone. There are also a number of seniors who live with their partners but not their children. This is common across the country, with many communities specifically housing adults aged 55 and above. For these communities, it can be difficult to think of Valentine’s Day activities and events that fit the resident demographic.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


1. Send a Valentine’s Day Card

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a senior community is to send a card. Buy enough Valentine’s Day cards for all the residents, then write a heartfelt message inside each one to show them how much they mean to the community. It does not even need to be long or poetic. Something short yet sincere can work wonders. While you can mail these cards to each resident, delivering them by hand will make the gesture more special.


2. Send Flowers or a Houseplant

valentine's day for the elderlyWho doesn’t like receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day? The seniors in your community will certainly appreciate a bouquet of roses or tulips — or any other flower, for that matter.

The price of flowers tends to skyrocket during Valentine’s Day, though, so you can send a houseplant instead. Houseplants are great because they add soothing energy to any room. Plus, there are many houseplants that don’t require a lot of care or attention, making them perfect for senior residents.


3. Share Homemade Pastries

Valentine’s Day is all about sweet treats, so why not share them with the elderly residents in your community? You can gather some of the younger residents together to bake pastries for the older adults in the neighborhood. Alternatively, you can just purchase pastries from your local bakery and then hand them out to the senior residents. The best part about this is that there is no shortage of pastries you can give away. Cakes, cookies, or candy hearts — take your pick!


4. Send a Care Package

Many senior residents, especially those living alone, don’t receive gifts on Valentine’s Day anymore. One way the community can make seniors feel appreciated is to put together and send them care packages. You can assemble a standard care package or, if you know residents well enough, tailor each care package according to the personality and needs of every resident.

Here are some ideas of what you can include in your Valentine’s Day senior care package:

  • Books
  • Fruits
  • Cookies
  • Wine
  • Snacks
  • Teas
  • Cocoa packets
  • A food service subscription
  • A small pillow
  • Socks
  • A blanket
  • Slippers


5. Hold a Movie Night

A movie night might be one of the simpler Valentine’s Day ideas for seniors, but it has a couple of benefits. For one thing, the seniors in your community will appreciate watching a movie without having to go all the way to the cinema. It also gives the residents in the HOA a chance to get together and bond with each other.

Of course, given that it is Valentine’s Day, the best movies to watch are romcoms. Some communities are opting for rom-com movie marathons, but older adults might get tired easily and want to go home after only watching one film. As such, you can take your pick from some of the best romcoms and go from there. It can be a single-night event or an event that takes place over multiple nights, with each night showing a different flick.


6. Host a Tea Party

A tea party is a great way to gather senior residents under one roof and have a lighthearted Valentine’s Day celebration together. Brew some tea and put out some biscuits or pastries (or both). Play some soft music in the background for a calm and comfortable atmosphere. You can do this indoors or outdoors, with garden tea parties being a particularly popular choice.


7. Organize a Walk

Another good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day for the elderly is to organize a walk in the community. This is perfect if your neighborhood has greenspaces, a park, or a walking trail. Exercise is good for the health no matter how old you are. As such, getting seniors to walk together not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also encourages residents to get to know each other.


8. Arrange a Game Day

valentine's day ideas for seniorsWhen you think of Valentine’s Day ideas for seniors, a game day is probably one of the last things that come to mind. But, older adults enjoy playing games just as much as younger ones.

Sure, more active or physical games are probably off the list, but there are other games you can play together. Some examples include bingo, card games, word searches, sudokus, and other puzzles. It gives residents a chance to show their competitive side while still enjoying the company. You can do this at the clubhouse and even allocate a prize for the winner.


9. Give Back to the Community

Many seniors like to knit or sew. You can tap into this hobby and organize a charity drive wherein elderly residents can make hats, gloves, or scarves to donate to a local hospital or shelter. Senior residents will definitely appreciate having a creative outlet while simultaneously being able to share the love with those who need it most.


Spreading Love to Seniors on Valentine’s Day

Senior community residents often feel alone or left out on special days like Valentine’s Day. After all, not a lot of associations create specific events that cater to this demographic. Whether you run a 55-and-older community or an HOA with a sizable elderly population, these Valentine’s Day ideas for seniors are sure to make a huge impact.