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9 Fun Labor Day Activities For Kids

labor day activities for kids

What labor day activities for kids should you conduct as a community? Here are some ways the kids in your homeowners association can take part in labor day festivities.


What Is the Significance of Labor Day for Kids?

How can Labor Day activities benefit a child’s learning and development? Kids will often like labor day because it gives them a break from school. But, it’s important to teach them why we celebrate every first Monday of September. This way, the kids will understand why the holiday is significant. They will learn early on how much American workers have contributed to the country and have a better appreciation for them.

However, teaching them goes beyond simply explaining that it was made for American workers. Kids often learn better through hands-on activities rather than classroom-type sessions or parental explanations. That’s why conducting these activities might be a better approach.

In addition, creating labor day activities for kids is simply a good way to involve the kids in the neighborhood. They can feel a better sense of community as they celebrate the occasion with all the adults in the community. There should even be activities for the elderly so that no one in the neighborhood feels left out.


Fun Labor Day Activities for Kids

What are some good labor day activity ideas? Here are some fun ways to involve the children.


1. Labor Day Scavenger Hunt

Hosting a scavenger hunt is a great idea if you want a more involved labor day for kids activity. The organizers can create one with a labor day theme where kids can make stops at local neighborhood buildings. They can stop at the local police station, fire department, or even school. Kids can find relevant items in red, white, and blue. Everyone is sure to have a fun time no matter the age.


2. Book Reading

labor day activity ideasActivities are great but storytelling can often help kids learn more. This is why simply cuddling with the kids and reading a relevant book can be a good option. It’s a great method to teach younger kids who are not as able to participate in physical games. Of course, choose a book on Labor Day to match the theme.

For this, it’s best to plan ahead. Look at a few relevant books at the local library and check one out before the holiday. You can even bring the kids with you so they can say “thank you” to the librarian and other personnel. Moreover, you can even encourage the little ones to ask about their jobs to get them into the Labor Day spirit.


3. Make Thank-You Letters

Making thank-you letters is one of the best labor day activities for kids at home. They’re simple yet heartfelt and can truly teach them the significance of the holiday. It also intimately involves them in the festivities in a way no game or activity can.

Help your child write a note to a worker they admire. It can be a local policeman, security guard, or even a janitor. Then help them deliver the note personally or by mail.


4. Send Goodies to Workers

There’s no better way to appreciate American workers than by sending them goodies. To involve the kids, you can bake your own goodies or bring them along to the bakery to pick out pastries. Then deliver them to local institutions like the fire station, police department, or post office.


5. Make a Career Mobile

Crafting a career mobile can help kids understand what possible career options they have in the future. It’s also a good way to respect various professions and help them appreciate each type of work.

To do this, you can find photos of American workers online and print them out. You can also involve the kids by cutting out photos of workers from brochures, newspapers, magazines, and other publications. Make a hanging photo mobile or buy one online and help them complete the career mobile.

Afterward, you can ask the kids to think about what they want to be when they grow up. This can help them figure out their dream career early on while celebrating the holiday.


6. Eat Patriotic Snacks

Food can always bring people together — even children. What better way to celebrate the holiday together than to eat patriotic snacks? This can keep your kids full and boost their American pride. Just make some fruit skewers with watermelons, blueberries, banana slices, raspberries, and strawberries. Then dip them in marshmallow cream to add flavor.

If you don’t have enough fruits, you can simply make watermelon popsicles. Just cut up a watermelon into small triangles and stick a popsicle through the skin. Then serve the watermelons on napkins in blue or red.


7. Create Footprint Vehicles

Do you need labor day activities for kindergarten students? If your child is too young, you can simply make arts and crafts at home. You can do this by asking them what vehicles local workers use to do their work. They may choose school buses, firetrucks, police cars, army tanks, or tractors.

Regardless, make it a fun activity and help them use their footprint to create the body of the vehicle. Afterward, help them complete the vehicle with paint, crayons, and stickers. You can even use the final craft as a decoration to commemorate the holiday. But, just remember to follow your neighborhood’s decoration rules to avoid penalties or conflict.


8. Host a Sing-Along With Friends

Labor Day kids sing-alongIf you want to involve your child’s friends, why not host a neighborhood sing-along? You can choose a patriotic or relevant song like The National Anthem, Living in America by James Brown, or 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. There are many more to choose from.

Prepare a portable speaker and a fake microphone to help the children feel more involved. You can also print out the lyrics or use a projector so everyone can follow along.


9. Spend Time at a Neighborhood Gathering

Hosting a community gathering is one of the best labor day activities for kids that involve the whole community. The whole block can organize a Labor Day party with activities specifically reserved for the kids. Adults can share what their jobs are to inspire the kids.

You can also decorate the neighborhood’s lawns with streamers, balloons, and other ornaments. For food, a classic American BBQ is all it takes to get them into the holiday spirit. You can also bring out roller skates, scooters, and bikes so the kids can play. Finally, you can even have a donation jar ready. The community can donate the proceeds to various American foundations.


A Holiday for All Ages

Labor Day is a holiday for all ages. Parents can always introduce the holiday to their kids through fun and creative ways. They can host activities whether at home or with their neighbors and friends. Homeowners associations can even host official block parties to get everyone involved.

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